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Why Every Woman Should Own a Blazer

Posted by kiran sangha on

Do you find that you’re a bit intimidated by blazer outfits? You may see other women rocking blazers for work, or even blazers casually and wonder if it should be added to your wardrobe. The simple answer is yes. Every woman should own a blazer, and here are our top four reasons why.
  1. They’re a statement piece


statement blazers women
There’s no denying that blazers are a strong element to add into any wardrobe. While they were once traditionally meant for men, that doesn’t mean women have to leave them to men to be worn. They’ve become a feminist statement of women in the workplace and just a general stylish form of what is being called “bash the patriarchy chic.” Yes, that’s a new style term if you can believe it. Embrace feminine strength and women empowerment through your style and work outfits with a new blazer. Every wardrobe can benefit from a few awesome statement pieces.
  1. They’re versatile

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 While blazers are a strong piece in your wardrobe, they’re also versatile. They’re not something that you can only wear a few times a year because they’re so noticeable or flashy. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself trying not to reach for your blazer as much as you’re supposed to. You can dress up a blazer for work, or you can dress it down for a cute and causal everyday look. Once you own a blazer, you’ll find yourself pinning killer blazer outfits for work (paired with pants or a work skirt and heels) to your Pinterest board. And there are so many out there because blazers go with everything.
  1. They’re yours for years to come

blazer outfits for work casual
With fast fashion, sometimes it feels like nothing is here to last. Yet, the amazing thing about blazers is that they’re such a classic piece that you can wear them for years to come. They’ve been worn by women for the last century, which means they’re not a trend, they’re simply style. Blazer outfits are timeless, and you can hold onto them without fear that they’ll go out of style (although maybe go for one without shoulder pads).
  1. They’re feminine without being girly

 blazer outfits for work casual
It sometimes feels like a difficult line to toe. You want to look and feel feminine, but you don’t want to be overly girly to the point of feeling immature. There’s a difference and not all clothing can achieve that key difference. If you feel like your work dresses just don’t get you there, then the blazer look can help you easily cross over to a more grown-up look.

Final thoughts

There’s no denying that a blazer is simply a staple in your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to amplify your work wardrobe with a few great blazer outfits or just add a different element to your everyday style, there are endless combinations that’ll make your outfits stylish, feminine, and strong. Grab a blazer (or three!) on your next shopping trip – online or in-person – to get started in this fabulous world of wearing blazers.


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